Tuesday 18 January 2011

Courtyard Schemings 1

Whilst I am suitably proud of my front garden I have to acknowledge that it is to my rear door, through an enclosed entrance courtyard that most visitors approach my house. Whilst not quite being for 'Tradesmen only' it has a workaday appeal to it, wellies at door, old watering cans, surfboards, the washing line, compost collector etc.

2011 is the year to tackle this space as it has such great potential. Enclosed on three sides, the fourth side with a now-rotten fence, borrowed views to the fields beyond, fabulous sunsets in the summer, close to the dining area, adjacent to another smaller pretty  private enclosed mediterranean style garden created for our holiday let www.westwightholidays.co.uk

So, in one of my midnight musings I made the inevitable list:

  •  Make an effort to improve - utility has won over beauty
  •  Reduce ivy on garage wall, feel guilty about bees......
  • Introduce more fragrance e.g Roses - use cuttings taken from favourite Rosa Alberic Barbiere
  • Water feature - think a wall fountain would be easiest
  • Large Pots - reduce collections of medium/small size pots to make an impact
  • Consider training the existing vine over towards the house to create a shadey arbour feel
  • Source Citrus, Brugmansia, pot up more lilies
  • Sow seeds of Nicotiana sylvestris again for evening fragrance
  • Arrange for Paul the Carpenter to come and build the fitted seating area and the new contemporary look trellis aka www.gardentrellis.co.uk
  • Buy cream metal bench to position under Studio Apartment window
  •  Research a design for a pizza style bread oven, Jamie Oliver style

.........and finally....

..........go to Morrocco to check out the Riad gardens to inspire and focus thoughts!!


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