Tuesday 17 August 2010

Island Blend

After a very busy spring and early summer focussing my attention on my clients garden projects it has been refreshing to meet up with an old friend and horticultural inspiration, Oliver Mathews. Oliver is a top class garden photographer and we first met when he came to take pictures of one of my earlier projects. Put simply, I was bowled away by his stunning images but equally entranced by his quiet dedication to his craft, turning up at dawn to ply his trade and patiently waiting for wind, sun and light to be absolutely perfect. It was a joy to work with someone who really understood the positioning of plants not just for colour effect but more importantly to catch the light. My giant swathes of Stipa gigantea did just that and I think it also encouraged him to return to his own garden to begin experimenting with grasses. This meeting however, was for Oliver to write about someone else's pictures, notably Rob and Jo Whitworth. The Whitworths are also wonderful garden photographers and they too had visited to take pictures of my garden projects for their photo library. Whilst taking a short break for coffee in my own front garden with its exotics theme they began to focus attention on my plantings there and before I knew it, they had me posing in the garden! Some time later, those pictures of my Southern Hemisphere garden were sold to the RHS 'The Garden' magazine and in due course, Oliver was despatched to write the article. So, whilst trying to stay focussed on the job in hand and name all the plants within the garden, I have to say it was, as ever a delight to catch up with Oliver. Next up, I have promised to visit him and his wife, Sheila in their maturing Brook garden. But as ever, he left me with a teasing statement, telling me he had taken recent pictures of a clients gravel garden I had designed which I really must see..........

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At 15 October 2010 at 17:09 , Anonymous Heather said...

Really nice designs. Is it ok if I link to your blog from my own page at Heather Boardman Garden Design?

Many Thanks


At 15 October 2010 at 19:16 , Blogger Chris said...

Yes please do Heather, it will encourage me to keep blogging. Perhaps we can compare growing notes/ planting styles between the north and the south? It is always good to talk plants and gardens with others.....


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